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Love Sharing Volunteer Group

beginning of small steps for a warmer society

Purposes of the Love Sharing Volunteer Group

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Tourism Association, a major private organization in Jeju, created the Love Sharing Volunteer Group. Implementing programs for the disadvantaged and senior living alone, the group is committed to implementing social responsibilities and helping participating volunteers achieve their self-development. It is a small step to make our world warmer and better.

What Is Volunteering

The word originates from a Latin meaning voluntarism, independence, and free will. Volunteering is to provide time and talents to our neighbors and communities through voluntary participation of individuals and groups without compensations. In doing so, it contributes to solving social problems and promoting public interest. People who practice voluntary activities are called volunteers.

Effects of Volunteering

Volunteering conveys a sense of a full and rewarding life to those practicing it. It also provides volunteers with opportunities to find the value of their existence and pride. Through it, individuals can use their abilities and talents as well as improve them. The process of volunteering helps build individual character, rediscover oneself, and obtain useful knowledge and social skills. Volunteering starts with the relationship with our neighbors. Meeting and conversing with our neighbors helps us identify our communities and problems in them. In this way, we can gradually understand our communities and directly participating in local problems and solving them through the formation of communities with other local residents.