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Major Tasks

Legally Commissioned & Contracted-out Programs

  • Issuing national certificates for tourism guides
  • Designating and managing tourism facilities and amenities
  • Evaluating the level of tourism hotels (view for details)
  • Implementing programs for the Travel Agents Mutual Aid Society
  • Implementing operation and review of public tourism sites
  • Recommending places for loan support by the Tourism Promotion & Development Fund
  • Designating and supporting promotion of outstanding tourism businesses

Member Benefit Promotion Programs

  • Creating the Jeju Business Center
  • Scholarship programs to member companies of the association
  • Selecting the Best Tourism Businesses
  • Stimulating departments within the association
  • Hosting the Jeju Tourists Unity Festival
  • Certifying member companies and supporting their work
  • Market surveys for quality growth of tourism and high quality tourism realization
  • Hosting the President’s Friendly Golf Competition
  • Workshops to improve work capacity of member companies
  • Providing information on tourism in Jeju
  • Operating golf, climbing, and soccer clubs for tourists

Promotion & Marketing Programs

  • Participating in domestic tourism fairs, expos, and events as well as operating the Jeju Tourism Promotion Center
  • Lending support to domestic media outlets and travel magazines
  • Implementing on-site marketing to create potential demands for domestic tourism
  • Promotion and marketing to attract school trips
  • Promotion and marketing to attract business incentive trips
  • Hosting the Jeju International Tourism Marathon Festival
  • Promotion to attract Japanese tourists
  • Implementing capacity building programs to attract high value-added international tourists
  • Development, promotion, and marketing of Jeju’s travel products for FIT and SIT
  • Implementing international sales efforts in cooperation with the tourism industry
  • Implementing friendly cooperation programs with international tourism organizations

Development Programs

  • Operation of the Jeju Tourism Forum
  • Implementing programs to cultivate local festivals
  • Improving competitiveness through consulting support to tourism businesses
  • Hosting contests and awarding prizes for tourism souvenirs
  • Supporting travel product development expenses
  • Operating tour buses for individual international tourists

Brand Improvement Programs

  • Operation of the Love Sharing Volunteer Group
  • Implementing programs to promote the tourism brand externally

Tourist Protection Programs

  • Improving hospitality services for tourists at the Jeju International Airport
  • Support of maintenance in amenities for the tourism-disadvantaged in private tourism facilities
  • Support of the establishment of the IT-based travel recruitment system in travel agencies
  • Implementing programs to advance the IT-based integrative marketing system for Jeju tourism
  • Implementing programs to program professional travel agencies by locality, theme, and business type

National Program

  • Support programs to promote the ecosystem of the MICE and healthcare industries